HtoH app : Travel companion 2.0

Technology and algorithms at the service of travelers in compliance with company requirements. An application designed and thought out by travelers for travelers, available 24 hours a day at your fingertips ! At the same time, the company can monitor, control and anticipate its expenses. All of its suppliers connect to the HtoH Hub using state-of-the-art APIs.

Intuitive homepage
It offers an overview of trips and direct access to assistance services :
 • Status of "in progress" and "upcoming" trips accessible at any time
 • Geolocation system called "Safety Check" alerting the company in one click of any danger and need for immediate assistance
 • Direct access to the official website "Advice to travelers" and to the company's travel policy
 • Access to "reservation" mode assistant in order to mitigate any travel risks
 • Proposed personalized services based on the interests, priorities and desires of travelers while optimizing working time
Smart diary
The Timeline of each collaborator is updated automatically.
 • Reservations made with your travel agency are imported and their status is updated daily
 • Professional and personal appointments are included
 • External reservations are transferred by email to HtoH and integrated into the Timeline
 • Tickets and reservations, when available, are automatically added to each trip
 • Interaction with travelers through smart notifications facilitates and encourages the completion of trips before departure
Integrated expense report
Forget the tedious and time-consuming step of the expense report at the end of the month !
With HtoH, it's easy to fill out an expense report from the application as you go through your expenses. A simple photo is enough.
Thanks to its image recognition system, HtoH identifies each character of a paper receipt :
 • The traveler completes his expenses in the app and HtoH increments, via an API, the company's expense report tool
 • The interconnection between market tools, made unique by HtoH, allows a quick, automated and above all paperless expense report process !
100% interactive profile
Each employee benefits from a virtual wallet, integrated into the application. They can access :
 • Useful information, company travel policy, official documents
 • Support service of each travel supplier
 • The list of virtual payment cards guaranteeing their reservations (including hotel reservations)
 • All loyalty programs listed in the app
The added bonus ?
The possibility to add their health pass !
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Who is HtoH for ?
The HtoH application is intended for all employees required to travel on behalf of their company.
The HtoH Manager web portal is intended for corporate mobility managers and allows them to manage all travel activity.
What is HtoH's business model ?
The app operates on a SaaS model, i.e. on the basis of a paid subscription per traveler, as well as a fixed fee for expense report support. A monthly invoice is sent to the client company.
How do I access HtoH ?
The mobile application is available on the APP STORE and on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. HtoH Manager, the web-app version, is accessible online as soon as you subscribe to the HtoH solution.
Who are the providers ?
The HtoH app is able to integrate all your suppliers’ services. Our expertise in APIs makes it possible to develop personalized connections quickly.
HtoH technology makes it possible to retrieve travel itineraries sent by email, from nearly 700 service providers.