Optimize and control your travel budgets

Proactively control the expenses related to your employees' travel, ensure the clarity of travel rules and procedures & promote access to internal tools thanks to the HtoH Manager space.

More than just an app
With HtoH Manager, your company can control its economic performance but also measure the impact of business travel on the company's social and environmental policy (CSR).
The passenger employee satisfaction index enables beneficial actions with immediate effect.
Up to 40% savings on your professional costs
The 3 areas of work proposed are :
 • Budget: control over the exhaustiveness of travel and professional expenses of your company make it possible to anticipate future needs
 • Supplier contracts negotiations: facilitated thanks to access to independent quantitative and qualitative data
 • The efficiency of internal procedures: automation of internal procedures made "touchless" for travelers
Real-time expense tracking
Managers can at any time view all expenses incurred by their teams over a given period.
Connections (API) to your company's various suppliers make it easy to monitor travel activity and expenses simultaneously.
The data is unique, ordered and actionable. Its precision allows actions to be instantly conveyed to travelers by a travel policy that is constantly available and is easy and immediate to update.
They support HtoH, digital travel tool
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Who are the providers ?
HtoH app is able to integrate the services of your own providers. Our expertise in APIs makes it possible to develop personalized connections.
HtoH service providers are technological partners recognized worldwide and specialists in their respective fields (GDS, Servers, etc.)
Our image recognition system reads the itineraries and reservations sent by email from 700 service providers (link to the list on the site).
HtoH is in partnership with a recognized and seasoned specialist.
What does Bleu Business offer ?
BLEU BUSINESS is a leading travel agency on the French market that supports companies, administrations and associations in the management of business travel. More than 1000 companies, private, administrations, NGOs OR GLOBAL ORGANIZATIONS, have entrusted the management of their travel to Bleu Business.
What does CDS Groupe offer ?
CDS GROUPE is the leading business hotel marketplace in the world in terms of the number of establishments referenced on its booking platform (1.5 million). CDS Groupe offers a tool that connects hoteliers and business customers.
What does Notilus (Dimo Software) offer ?
NOTILUS is an expense report management and digitization tool that offers an IT solution that optimizes the entry, processing or reporting of professional expenses.