Your Brand, Our Technology

Discover how the HtoH solution can be personalized and reflect the unique identity and values of your brand. With our white-label approach, you can provide your users with a customized experience while benefiting from the power of our cutting-edge technology within reasonable budgets.

Your service made handy in a mobile application
Our solution provides closer proximity to travelers, enabling direct interaction with them via a dedicated mobile platform.
This closeness strengthens the business-customer relationship and allows you to swiftly respond to all requests and specific needs of your travelers.
In addition to enhancing the traveler experience, integrating your services into an app opens new revenue streams thanks to features that promote additional sales before and during trips (upsell).
The solution comes with a reporting tool, allowing you to track and analyze traveler performance in detail. This valuable data enables you to anticipate and appropriately initiate loyalty actions from your customer base.
Your Travel Companion
The White Label application offers an increased range of services and adds value to your own sales offer, such as access to:
 • Intuitive Timeline: Each trip is accompanied by a dedicated timeline, synchronized with your tools and the traveler's smartphone calendar ensuring optimal organization.
 • Document Centralization: All vital information is accessible in one place, allowing access to identity documents secured according to GDPR standards, and providing a direct link to governmental or your client companies’ travel advice (Travel Policy)
 • Operational Assistance: With quick access to the supports of your travel service providers, our application guarantees effective operational assistance at each stage of the journey.
This user-centered approach, combined with enhanced security and optimal accessibility, redefines the standards of business travel and offers an unparalleled experience to users who will thus remain loyal to your brand.
Compliance with Standards
Our White Label application meets the strictest compliance and security requirements, thus ensuring users' peace of mind throughout their travels.
Simple access to a assistance page ensures a quick and efficient response to all travelers​​​​​​​ requests. Notably, thanks to our "Safety Check" geolocation system, allowing to quickly report any danger and offering travelers the opportunity for immediate assistance.
This proactive approach to compliance and security strengthens your clients' and travelers' trust in you, while ensuring a safe and hassle-free travel experience.
Case Study: App CDS Groupe

The 5 Pillars of Efficiency

The HtoH White Label application was successfully deployed at CDS Group, offering a complete solution to meet the company's needs.
1. Access to hotel reservations
 • Centralization of reservations directly in the CDS Group App
 • Visualization of documents related to the hotel service (voucher, payment method)
 • Import by email transfer of all services complementary to accommodation
2. Leakage capture
Extension / Urgent stay reservation cancellation possible directly in the App
3. Security / Service
 • Service assistance : CDS Group customer service 24/7 CDS Group assistance
 • "Safety Check" emergency button: Signal of the situation and location of the employee in case of danger
4. Traceability
 • Permanent satisfaction survey
 • Visualization of prior reservations
 • Emergency geolocation
5. User experience
 • Secure digital wallet: ID documents (Identity card, Passport, License) and loyalty cards, visas…
 • Digitization of traveler documents necessary for travel :
      • Boarding passes and tickets, and originals of reservations attached to segments
      • Consultation of professional documents: Official website "Travel advice" from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Traveldoc, and others
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