Reinventing Travel Management

HtoH supports and anticipates all new trends in a travel/holiday booking customer journey. From the very first financial estimate to the end of the trip, and in order to compete on equal terms (plus service) with soulless solution resellers, HtoH has developed a digital sales process and leisure travel companion.

An Ideal Travel Companion for the Traveler
The integrated chat serves as a potent communication channel, enabling travelers to interact with their consultant and complete their trip using the HtoH App.
Any new activities or bookings suggested by the consultant appear directly in the trip diary of the App.
Selling a stay is one thing, but assisting your clients as they explore the world is another. Providing them with a personalized digital travel companion that lists each step of their adventure is invaluable in achieving this goal!
An intuitive travel consultant interface
The integrated chat becomes a powerful and unique sales channel. It allows live interaction with travelers and to enhance the service by offering personalized solutions at all stages of the trip (upsell).
The administrative side is simplified and allows for storage of all information in one place.
Consultants can send service descriptions, the Information Voucher, and the payment link directly to their clients, eliminating the hassle of lost emails and facilitating timely settlements.
Instant Assistance Equals Relaxed Customers
The chat allows real-time contact with their consultants from their smartphones, significantly reducing response times.
During the trip, travelers have access to assistance numbers and emails in case of emergencies.
Satisfaction Survey
No service should end without collecting feedback from your clients.
Sending a systematic satisfaction survey 24 hours after return allows you to measure the performance of your service and constantly improve it if necessary.
The HtoH Manager reporting tool
 • Consult a scalable database of your travelers and their behavior
 • Target offers and communicate effectively
A personalized 2.0 work tool, constantly updated
The app is compatible with all mobiles and available on the stores. The consultant interface can be downloaded from the consultant's workstation.
Both tools are maintained and serviced by HtoH without you having to worry about it. It's all the comfort of the white label powered by HtoH 🙂
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Immediate benefits of the solution
 • Reduction of low value-added tasks: Agents handle their files faster by focusing their efforts on sales.
 • Sharing a knowledge library: Capitalize and finally pool the work of all teams.
 • The HtoH companion is the Business Travel or Leisure companion: Convert your leisure users to digital, and also offer the HtoH superapp to your professional clients!