HtoH Manager

HtoH Manager is a practical solution for managers that provides an overview of all employees on business trips while controlling all of their company's expenses.

Integrated and illustrated reporting
Simple, visual indicators of the status of your company's travel and travelers allow for quick response. Each manager has access to a real-time view of current and future expenses.
Controlled cash flow, comprehensive expenditure, as a manager, you again control 100% of your strategy.
Increased transparency of expenses
All expenses are automatically fed into your expense report tool. At the same time, HtoH shares all created expenses with the HtoH Manager web portal. They are instantly visible by expense category for management purposes.
A global vision of travel
All expenditure is allocated to travelers and their travel. In the HtoH app, bookings made outside of the tools recommended by the company are also included (called leakage).
Management of active and inactive travelers, adding new travelers, close management of contracts attached to the PVE: so many actions that become extremely simple.
The full cost (TCO) of a trip is finally visible.
Availability of essential documents
With a single click, download and upload travel policies, safety rules, insurance and assistance contracts for travelers in the HtoH application.
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