HtoH app : Travel companion 2.0

Technology and algorithms at the service of travelers, respecting the requirements and travel policy of the Company. An application thought out and designed by travelers for travelers, available 24/7 at your fingertips!

Advantages of the Business Travel Application for Travelers
 • Automated Timeline allows a synthetic view per trip. It updates automatically, facilitates the completion of trips before departure (phone calendar synchronization, agency booking imports, appointments)
 • 24/24 Assistance service with direct access to support services from referenced suppliers. Instant and secure assistance provided by our geolocated reporting system "Safety Check" coupled with your solutions
 • Centralization of Documents, a secure virtual wallet that houses personal and corporate official documents including the company's travel policy
 • Direct connection to the bouquet of services of your company from the HtoH App. Simplify access to booking tools listed by your company 24/7 from a smartphone
HtoH app is designed to simplify business travel and improve the efficiency of business travelers.
Up to 40% savings on employer travel expenses
Is HtoH the perfect travel companion for corporates?
It proactively supports your employees while traveling, ensures compliance with travel rules and procedures, facilitates access to internal tools to increase their adoption rate, and measures travelers' well-being through surveys available after each trip.
HtoH a profit center?
Why not! Your company's money and time are precious. By automating compensation procedures linked to transportation disruptions and delays, HtoH has developed a real know-how in claiming financial compensations on your behalf.
Improve employee awareness of your company's challenges
With HtoH Manager, your company gains access to more than just a standard reporting database. It quantifies all societal and environmental impacts of business travel. The satisfaction index of traveling employees allows for immediate actions beneficial to the environment and society as a whole.
Data security is guaranteed through compliance with GDPR, secure systems, and robust APIs.
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Who is HtoH for ?
The HtoH application is for all employees who must travel on behalf of their company. The HtoH Manager web portal is a reporting tool for mobility managers in companies. It supports the management of the entire activity.
What is HtoH's business model ?
The app operates on a SaaS model, i.e. on the basis of a paid subscription per traveler, as well as a fixed fee for expense report support. A monthly invoice is sent to the client company.
How do I access HtoH ?
The mobile application is available on the APP STORE and on GOOGLE PLAY STORE. HtoH Manager, the web-app version, is accessible online as soon as you subscribe to the HtoH solution.
Who are the providers ?
HtoH app is capable of integrating all services from your suppliers. Our technology allows easy implementation of links via API, facilitating access to your tools from a single mobile app. To integrate links to tools set up as part of your travel policy, thus ensuring optimal use.
HtoH technology allows you to retrieve travel itineraries sent by email, from nearly 700 service providers, and thus better quantify leakage.